Магістерська програма з математичної економіки та економетрики


Master’s Program in Mathematical Economics and Econometrics is a joint program of Kyiv School of Economics, Taras Shevhenko National University and the University of Houston (US).

It is taught exclusively in English by professors of Kyiv School of Economics and Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics at Taras Shevchenko National University.

The program is designed for mathematics majors who want to continue studying advanced mathematics, but also learn about its applications in economics and business, as well as acquire other relevant skills to have a successful career in business and policy analysis, or continue their studies at the US or EU PhD in Economics/Finance programs.

The MA Program in Mathematical Economics and Econometrics at a glance:

  • Two-years of full-time studies
  • Instruction fully in English
  • Globally trained faculty
  • Advanced knowledge and skills in mathematics, economics and econometrics
  • Research environment

Upon graduation, students get:

  • official state Master’s degree in Mathematical Economics and Econometrics issued by Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
    KSE certificate
  • the University of Houston MA in Economics diploma
  • possibilities for further studies at leading Ph.D. programs in North America and Western Europe
  • excellent career opportunities in the private and public sector
  • access to the KSE alumni network

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€ 3000



Tuition fee

For 2019-2020 academic year KSE provides full scholarships, that covers tuition fee for the best students upon the results of admission exams.

To qualified students KSE offers:

  • Merit-based discounts in tuition fee (up to 30%)

  • Need-based personalized payment schemes and opportunities to defer tuition payments till after graduation.

Deferral of tuition payments is a special kind of financial support that allows students to postpone payment of the KSE tuition. Student can submit request for the deferral only after the first miniterm of study at KSE.

The tuition fees at the MA Program in Mathematical Economics and Econometrics are the following:

  • UAH 55,000 per year tuition fee for KNU courses

  • EUR 750 per year tuition fee for KSE courses (payments are made in UAH, the course is fixed at the beginning of the academic year)

  • EUR 1,500 University of Houston enrollment fee (the payment is optional, it is made only if a student wants to receive the University of Houston diploma)

* The real cost of providing education at the KSE is €10,000 a year. However, the difference between the cost of the education and the tuition paid by students can be covered thanks to the support of KSE’s donors.

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