Digitalized Marketing Strategy


StratX Simulation Course
Part of  MBA-program 


Digital Markstrat is a digital marketing simulation game built on the online platform StratX.

The simulation, which has 10 rounds representing 10 years of the company’s activity, will help entrepreneurs and business leaders bridge the digital skills gap. Feedback is built into every round of the simulation, which will be played in teams.


The Digitalized Marketing Strategy course aims to expose students to a highly competitive market context using a digital marketing toolbox to understand and target consumer segments, position their products, design and develop new products, launch them and improve existing ones.

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₴ 20750



The course is a part of the MBA program and is designed for MBA students, business practitioners and non-marketing professionals who are looking to improve their awareness and skills in marketing:


  • • You will be immersed in a competitive market environment and to see and experience the impact of marketing strategy and decisions on the company’s value, performance, and P&L 
  • You will boost marketing and digital marketing concepts in an engaging and interactive way
Volodymyr Semenikhin

Lecturer of Marketing at KSE, SME Consultant at USAID Economic Resilience Activity, founder of BioTeam Company




Areas of Expertise:

  • • FMCG marketing 
  • • Branding 
  • • Digital marketing



At the end of this course the students should be able to:


  • • Apply basic concepts to distinguish tools needed to conduct market and competitor analysis 
  • Define approaches to blend digital and traditional marketing strategies
  • • Formulate a digital marketing strategy 
  • • Use segmentation and positioning
  • • Manage a brand portfolio


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Oleksandr Halii