“Procurement Management”
3-month certification training course (postgraduate education)

Purchasing as a Value Center, not a Cost!


A 3-month certification training course for ambitious procurement professionals who will learn to achieve a minimum of 15% savings in procurement costs through quality internal processes and optimal use of the organization’s resources.


You will gain the skills and knowledge to effectively organize your procurement operations and help your organization meet the challenges of tomorrow and become an innovator in the market.


As a result of successful completion of the program, the graduate of the program receives a certificate of advanced training in “Procurement Management” (postgraduate education).



After completing the course you will learn how to:


  • evaluate the internal and external environment of the functioning of your procurement department;
  • analyze procurement data and make decisions based on analysis results;
  • build business processes and understand the contribution of each transaction to the procurement function;
  • measure and communicate the value created by the purchasing department for the organization;
  • protect your negotiation position;
  • find, do compliance and build sustainable relationships with suppliers;
  • draw up, read, execute and support contracts;
  • implement digital solutions in the procurement department.


Course audience:


What are the positions our students occupy?


  • Procurement directors, heads of procurement and supply departments
  • Heads of tender procedures departments, heads of accounting, planning departments
  • Heads of logistics centers 
  • Enterprise directors, financial directors
  • Procurement and supply managers, foreign trade managers, project managers
  • Category managers, supply chain managers
  • Procurement consultants and specialists
  • Public Procurement Development Specialists, Authorized Persons, Secretaries and Chairmen of Tender Committees
  • Specialists in economic development and investment
  • Deputy directors, heads of project departments
  • Chief specialists-legal advisers, economists, leading engineers



Training format:


Blended Learning format (combination of offline and online, theory and practice, individual and group learning) is the most effective adult training format in the world. The training format includes online lectures, tests, individual feedback, final exam, crash-test of an individual project.


The online learning platform is available 24/7, so you can take training modules and do homework at any time.


4 days of practical workshops (32 academic hours) take place on weekends. Practical workshops take place offline or in the format of interactive webinars (during quarantine).


Category management and individual practical project “Development of category strategy”


Some practical workshops will be conducted by Volodymyr Stetsyk, an international expert. These workshops will focus on category management, category strategy and supplier engagement.


After passing these workshops with the support of mentors, you will develop an individual practical project – a category strategy (selected category) for your organization. Before submitting the project, you will have a crash test, during which you will get professional feedback from teachers, where and how your category strategy can be improved.



Training period:


March – May 2022.





    • Irina Povoroznyk, ex-Chief Procurement Officer SEVERSTAL
    • Inna Maznyak, ex-Head of Purchasing, Nestle Ukraine
    • Volodymyr Stetsyk, Member of CEP Supervisory Board, International Procurement Expert
    • Arthur Kovalchuk, Senior KSE Data Analyst
    • Natalia Shapoval, Head of KSE Institute, Co-Founder of Centre of Excellence in Procurement
    • Sergiy Gvozdyov, Professor of KSE
    • Mykhailo Kolisnyk, PhD, MBA, KSE Professor, President of CFO Club, Managing Partner at FINART Smart Solutions
    • Maryna Bezrukova, Member of the Board, Head of Supply Chain Management Department, Ukrenergo
    • Alexey Gromyko, Managing Partner, Project Management Bureau
    • Zoya Chechulina, Expert in Compliance, Risk Management and Strategic Procurement with 20 years of experience at Kraft Foods / Mondelez International
    • Eugenia Ocheretko, Senior Lawyer, Arzinger
    • Yuri Kleban, Lawyer, Criminal Law and Business Protection Lawyer, Arzinger
    • Anastasia Leukhina, KSE Lecturer, Horizontals CSO





You can find the terms of payment for legal entities and individuals at this link


The cost of the course is 26 000 UAH. We hope that in most cases, organizations will be able to cover the cost of training for employees. If the organization does not provide this opportunity – we give a discount to individuals who pay for their education on their own. In this case, the cost is 24 500 UAH.



Training program


Module 1. Orientation

Module 2. Organization of the procurement department

Module 3. Project management in procurement

Module 4. Analytical methods and tools of the procurement manager

Module 5. Procurement initiators’ needs analysis

Module 6. Stock management

Module 7. Fundamentals of financial management

Module 8. Procurement planning and budgeting

Module 9. Communications in negotiations. Preparation

Module 10. Compliance in procurement

Module 11. Contracting

Module 12. Evaluation of procurement effectiveness

Module 13. Digital solutions in procurement



Offline workshops:

  1. Analytical methods and tools of the buyer
  2. Business process management
  3. Category management
  4. Communications and negotiations in procurement


Individual project “Development of a categorical strategy of the selected category”



Contact person: Olena Starodubtseva, [email protected] tel. 380674347205

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3 months






₴ 26000