Master’s in Behavior science

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This MA will provide experts in policies and product designers in government and business. Considering governmental policies, it will address the issues of disinformation, mistrust to science and governments, populism, and polarization. Considering business industries, it will prepare experts in research, HR, and consulting to develop human-oriented products.



Specialists in this field will examine how emotions, biases, and the structure of social connections influence human choices, performance, satisfaction, and happiness. The advantage of the program is the combination of three areas: behavioral economics, social psychology and sociology of organizations. It is aimed at a better understanding of people, collectives, and social groups.


Graduates will receive the necessary theoretical knowledge, master the skills of statistical data analysis, and understand the principles of small and large businesses. Deep understanding of consumer behavior will allow them to work in product companies, consulting, HR, UX and marketing. Program is designed for applied research in the field of business and politics. Training is also combined with real-world research in the corporate sector.


(preliminary) Course Structure




  • Behavioral economics
  • Behavioral finance
  • Social psychology
  • Social network analysis
  • Data analysis for social science
  • Analytical and model thinking


Electives (4 with at least 1 in Economics and 1 in Product design)


  • Latent variables analysis
  • Advanced Data Science (web-scrapping and analysis)
  • Sociology of organizations
  • User experience research
  • Product design


Activities and Events

A summer school in “Artificial intelligence for business applications”:

  • July 18-20, online lectures by Pini Ben-Or, Chief Science Officer at Aktana, USA


Current staff:

Academic Director Dr. Kai Ruggeri

Teaching staff: Dr. Tymofii Briks

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16 months






₴ 120000