Master’s of Business and Management in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics


Master’s of Business and Management in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics (MBAI) is a unique 12-months professional master program that combines applied data analytics skills with business and management competencies. MBAI program is about data- and AI-driven decision making combined with business and management skills.


KSE MBAI program is not only about technical data science skills; it covers full analytics lifecycle, from data management to Big Data analytics and AI, from business analytics applications to decision-making based on analytics. After completing the MBAI program our graduates will be able to apply cutting-edge analytics and machine learning algorithms to solving practical business problems, providing strategically relevant recommendations and data-driven business decisions to companies and organizations.


In addition to preparatory and core courses, you take 4 courses at one of the two elective tracks: Business Analytics track or Artificial Intelligence track.  Courses at Artificial Intelligence elective track cover advanced AI algorithms including advanced machine learning, simulation, and optimization modeling. Courses at Business Analytics elective track cover applications of AI to different businesses and industries such as marketing, retail, healthcare, finance and banking, customer analytics. Lectures and tutorials are scheduled outside of business hours so that you can combine MBAI program with a full-time job.


During the last four months of the program, you will be working on an individual project where you develop an AI-based solution for your company, organization or startup. You can combine your individual project with a company internship in Ukraine or abroad.


Program curriculum itself is designed using analytics and AI technologies, learn more about that and MBAI program details in our webinar.


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₴ 279296



MBAI program tuition fee 2019-2020: UAH 279 300, quarterly installments during an academic year.

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