Analytics for managers


Part of MBA-program


This course will focus on the role of analytics in companies, the methods of data analysis, and how managers can formulate analytical tasks, control the quality of implementation and interpret results. The course will not delve into the technical aspects of data analysis methods, but will cover descriptive statistics and business forecasting in detail.


*Course will be held online in English


Why you should join the course:

  • During this course you develop analytical competence within your company by formulating analytical tasks, controlling the quality of implementation and interpreting results
  • The course will help you understand the role of analytics in a company and how it can support decision making
  • НThis course will represent various methods of data analysis and how they can be applied to solve business problems

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€ 24900



The course is a part of the MBA program and is designed for MBA students and everyone who wants to get a wider picture of the role of analytics in business and use its instruments to provide more accurate data about the real state of the company:


  • • You will dive into key concepts of analytics such as descriptive statistics and business forecasting
  • • You will learn about the business analysis methods
  • • Throughout the course, you’ll consider opportunities for developing analytical competence in the company
Kostyantyn Patsera

guest lecturer at KSE GBS, Head of Analytical Boutique Company



Areas of expertise:

  • • Business analytics and digital transformation consulting
  • • Operational and strategic forecasting
  • • Segmentation and customer retention modeling



At the end of this course the students should be able to:


  • • Understand the role of analytics in companies and its impact on decision-making
  • • Use descriptive statistics and business forecasting techniques to make data-driven decisions
  • • Apply knowledge of segmentation, predictive analytics, optimization, and qualitative analytical methods to real-world business problems
  • • Make informed decisions due to developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills for analyzing data


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Oleksandr Halii