Centre for Excellence in Economic Journalism

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We believe that mass media is called the “fourth power” for a good reason. Mass media should not only be a source of relevant information. Their task is to help countries evolve. Society develops only through dialogue, through discussion of important but not always sensational events and processes. Journalists should formulate the agenda, monitor and evaluate decisions and actions of the authorities and thus contribute to the country’s economic development.



  • Economics, markets and data analysis – a module training program for journalists developed by KSE
  • Flawless writing about the economy – The first online course in Economics for journalists
  • Discussion club – The platform for discussion of the most acute problems of economics and media
  • Research – Media analysis with economic methods


As a part of its mission to raise the level of economic discussion and financial literacy in Ukraine which directly influences the quality of policy decisions, Kyiv School of Economics, VoxUkraine, Visa and ICU, with the support of Nova Poshta, have set up the Centre for Excellence in Economic Journalism.