BE Smart: Center for Behavioral Studies and Communications


The Center for Behavioral Economics and Communications BeSmart was established at Kyiv School of Economics with the aim to support businesses and policy makers by providing evidence-based insights on human behavior as grounds for more targeted and efficient decision-making.


Vision and goals

Key directions


Our recent activities and projects

  • • Policy analysis of behavioral insights on decisions about COVID, routine and polio vaccination in Ukraine (for UNICEF Ukraine)
  • • Workshop on result-based management and storytelling for USAID AGRO project
  • • Trainings on foundations of Behavioral economics for Renaissance Foundation, CFO Club, People First Club
  • Workshop at Dnipro Economic Forum on behavioral economics for sales, marketing and HR
  • • Courses on Behavioral Economics for MA, MBA students and general public
  • • Workshop on critical thinking for students within a training program “Career Lab: The way to your dream job”


Projects in portfolio and under development

  • • Courses in the portfolio: Behavioral Economics, Behavioral Statistics, Critical Thinking, Results Based Decision Making and Reporting, Data Storytelling
  • • Joint international project on temporal discounting (Columbia U., Duke, KSE and other partners from over 50 countries, with T. Brik)
  • • Analysis of risk perception, anchoring, overconfidence, emotional vs. rational attitude, based on several hundred of responses to pre-course questionnaire (academic article)
  • • Why people (do not) wear masks, use personal protection measures and keep social distancing (UNDP, A. Nurzhynska, R. Sheremeta, T. Brik, V. Vakhitov)


BeSmart in media