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At KSE, we strive to transform Ukrainian business culture by growing a critical mass of competent professionals. Our business programs and executive courses aimed to raise the competences of modern managers and professionals for them to become able to create data-driven solutions, make evidence-based decisions, and lead the businesses through uncertainty and challenging environment.

KSE MBA Calendar 2020


KSE Business Education offers:



KSE MBA programs combine western standards, local realities, and European challenges. They provide a balance between analytical and practical approaches, implementing high academic standards of the best European and American business schools, and using cases from the best Ukrainian employers.


Corporate programs, as well as strategic sessions, are designed for the specific needs of the company. After the thorough assessment of companies’ needs and current state, we do develop an action plan that might be realized by the company itself or with the involvement of the KSE BE team.


Please fill in the form below to request a consultation on a corporate request, and please follow the link to apply for the MBA programs:


Additionally, you are welcome to apply for separate MBA courses that you can find in our Calendar 2020.

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