Business Education

KSE Business Education is designed specifically for senior executives, consultants, analysts, and professionals working in the private and public sectors.

English-language world-class MBA programs prepare managers who are capable to win on the global market.


KSE Business Education offers you an opportunity to get the fantastic experience and skills to conduct strategic business planning and find solutions to current problems.

MBA programs combine western standards, local realities, and European challenges. They provide a balance between analytical and practical approaches, implementing high academic standards of the best European and American business schools, and using practical cases from the best Ukrainian employers.

The studying process is organized only in English. Foreign and Ukrainian Ph.D. professors, graduates of the world’s best business schools, including Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan, London Business School, INSEAD, and practices from the leading companies such as EY, Mondelēz, and L’Oréal, teach within the program.

Do not miss a great opportunity to join the world-class MBA programs!