Corporate Finance (MBA)


The course will continue to build student’s background in finance, accounting and investments. In contrast to BBA level courses MBA course will concentrate on details and practical techniques of corporate finance, risk management and investment analysis and decision-making.

The course includes theory, practical applications and problem-solving techniques. The course combines some introductory and advanced finance practical techniques and methodology. It’s is assumed that the students have completed Accounting courses previously. This course prepares the students for future work in financial department, treasuries or risk management department of multinational companies or in investment companies, hedge funds, venture capital companies.


Learning objectives:

• Understand implications and methods of financing decision and fundraising;

• Understand and apply methods and techniques of stock portfolio management;

• Understand the concepts and learn the techniques of computing a cost of capital and apply it in the determination of the optimal capital structure;

• Learn basics of trading of stocks, practice portfolio management of investments;

• Learn how to use various measurements of portfolio investment risk analysis, be able to apply techniques of valuation of stand-alone stocks, bonds, portfolio diversification techniques;

• Understand and apply business (company) valuation techniques, including M&A cases and Venture Capital financing.


Learning outcomes:

• Choose investment opportunities and instruments

• Choose and assess financing methods

• Compute WACC, estimate discount rate

• Choose a discount rate

• Valuate projects, companies

• Valuate stocks, bonds

• Valuate a portfolio of stocks

• Valuate VC projects

• Trade stocks

• Optimize risks of stock portfolio

• Assess risks of investments

• Assess restructuring methods


Language: English


Exams & certification: After the successful completion of the course the participants will get a KSE certificate.

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