How to apply for bachelor’s?

Admission Procedure

Admission is based on complete general secondary education. 


Admission to bachelor’s programs takes place according to the general conditions of admission to institutions of higher education, which are approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.


Applications for admission must be submitted electronically according to the results of the NMT (National Multidisciplinary Test). The test is composed of three blocks: Ukrainian language, Mathematics and History of Ukraine. The duration of the NMT is 120 minutes. 


To apply to the higher educational institution, you have to register on the DP Inforesource website starting from July 1. 


The application process begins on July 29, 2022 and finishes on August 23, 2022. Admission lists will be published from August 24 to September 15. Students who apply for the budget places must submit their documents by September 2, and admission will be confirmed by September 5. Applicants for the contract can submit documents until September 30. 


The dates of the main and additional NMT sessions will be displayed in your electronic cabinet. 


KSE minimum admission passing scores:

Ukrainian language – 125

Mathematics – 140

History of Ukraine – 125

Which External Independent Evaluation certificates I need to apply to KSE

Applicant equivalent on a comparable scale calculation 


Business Economics / Economics and Big Data:

  • Ukrainian Language and literature – 0,35
  • Mathematics – 0,4
  • History of Ukraine – 0,25


 IT and Business Analysis / Cybersecurity:

  • Ukrainian Language – 0,3
  • Mathematics – 0,5
  • History of Ukraine – 0,2


In 2022, NMT certificates can be substituted with External Independent Evaluation certificates under the following conditions:

  • In case an applicant wants to substitute the results of the subject which is included in the NMT (Ukrainian language, Mathematics, History) with a certificate, it is still necessary to write an NMT and get the result of the corresponding subject, NOT lower than the existing NMT result by 15 points. So if last year you did External Independent Evaluation in mathematics in 190 and want to use this result applying for admission, you need to write NMT and to get not less than 175 points in the Mathematics block.
  • To replace the results of the subject which is not included in the NMT (foreign language, geography, physics, etc.) with a certificate for the 2019-2021 exam is possible if this subject was required for the chosen major in the past few years. It can be done without taking into account the 15 point rule.


The KSE accepts the following certificates for admission to bachelor’s degree programs:

– for 2021 for all programs (“Business Economics”, “Economics and Big Data”, “IT and Business Analysis”, “Cybersecurity”) – foreign language, geography, physics, chemistry, biology; 

– for 2020 and 2019 for the programs “Business Economics” and “Economics and Big Data” – foreign language or geography; for the programs “IT and Business Analysis”, “Cybersecurity” – foreign language or physics.

How many applicants will be enrolled in the studies?

In bachelor’s programs licensed capacity makes up:

  • Business Economics – 55 places
  • Economics and Big Data – 35 places
  • IT and Business Analysis – 30 places
  • Cybersecurity – 30 places

How many applicants will get a buget place?

Applicants for bachelor’s degree programs at the KSE can apply for budget places. 

The maximum number of budget places available to applicants for educational programs at KSE: 

  • Business Economics – 9.
  • Business Economics and Big Data – 6 
  • Software engineering and business analysis – 10 
  • Cybersecurity – 30 


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