How to apply for bachelor’s?

Admission Procedure

Admission is based on general secondary education:  


Admission to the bachelor’s programs takes place within general terms & conditions for admission to the higher educational institutions approved by The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine


The application will be held online. It will start on July 14,  2022 and finish on July 22, 2022. If the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine changes these terms, we will surely inform about that. 


External Independent Evaluation in three defined subjects should be passed for the admission. 

The External Independent Evaluation schedule will be published on the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment website.

Which External Independent Evaluation certificates I need to apply to KSE

Applicant equivalent on a comparable scale calculation: 


Business Economics / Economics and Big Data:

  • GPA (Grade Point Average) 0
  • Ukrainian Language and literature 0,25
  • Mathematics 0,5
  • Third subject at the choice of applicant 0,24
  • Motivation letter 0,01



 IT and Business Analysis:

  • GPA (Grade Point Average) 0
  • Ukrainian Language 0,25
  • Mathematics 0,5
  • Third subject at the choice of applicant 0,24
  • Motivation letter 0,01




  • GPA (Grade Point Average) 0
  • Ukrainian Language and literature 0,4
  • History of Ukraine 0,2
  • Third subject is at the choice of applicant 0,4



In 2022 External Independent Evaluation certificates of 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 are accepted. 


External Independent Evaluation certificates minimal admission score 100 points. 

How and why write a motivational letter?

Motivation letter is a requirement for all applicants. We want to meet you through the motivation letter, get to know about your goals and future plans, learn about previous achievements, experience and hobbies.  It is very important and interesting for us to know why you have chosen this degree and KSE in particular. Having become acquainted with you now, we will help to discover your strengths during the study at the university. 



Motivation letter should be: 

  • up to 2 typed pages (А4 size).
  • in Ukrainian or English 




We expect you to answer the following questions:

  • Which expectations do you have from studying at KSE?
  • Which challenges are you afraid to face during the study? 
  • What were your motives in choosing KSE?
  • What are your strong points? 
  • What are your weak points? 
  • Who is your role model (male & female)? Why?
  • In what profession do you see your future? Why? 
  • Why are you cheating / not cheating during the study? 
  • What will you do if you notice your group mate cheating? 



Motivation letter should be sent via Google form ( ) by applicants for programs Business Economics, Economics and Big Data, IT and Business Analysis. 


The deadline for motivation letter application in 2022 will be published together with terms of admission for 2022.

How many applicants will be enrolled in studies?

At bachelor’s programs licensed capacity makes up:

  • Law 100 places
  • Business Economics 85 places
  • Economics and Big Data 35 places
  • IT and Business Analysis 30 places

We look forward to answering all your questions


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