Discounts for bachelor`s programs

Applicants for KSE bachelor’s programs can claim discounts on tuition fees for winning competitions in economics and computer science (from 30 to 100%), according to the results of sessions, as well as tax rebates (up to 18%). The winners of the Olympiads need to take a certain place in the list of enrolled entrants.


Enrolling on the KSE bachelor’s law programme is conducted for the first time, that’s why discounts for the current study year are not given. Up-to-date information will be present at the beginning of the 2022 year.

Discounts for the rest of the 2021/2022 academic year (2-5 terms)


From the second term, discounts are given to those students who have the appropriate Grade Point Average (hereinafter – GPA). The score is calculated based on the grades obtained for the subjects studied in the previous term of the session, taking into account the ECTS credits for each discipline. Ranking for all three educational programs “Business Economics” (Specialty 051), “Economics and Big Data” (Specialty 051) and “IT and Business Analytics” (Specialty 121)) is the only one in which students of all three programs participate. Rating is based on the results of the exams 1,2,3,4,5 terms.

Tax relief

Under the conditions of tax relief, the state reimburses up to 18% of the cost of education. Here are step-by-step instructions for reimbursing part of the training costs in the form of tax relief, according to Article 166 of the Tax Code of Ukraine:


Step 1. Check that the person is paying for tuition

is a citizen of Ukraine (has a Ukrainian passport and TIN – identification code)

is officially employed, can provide a certificate of income

This can be the student himself if he has an official income, or a member of his family of the first degree of kinship (mother, father, wife/husband).


Step 2. Collect a package of documents for the tax service:


TIN (identification code).

Declaration of property and income. (Filed online through the taxpayer’s electronic account, which can be accessed with an electronic signature)

Certificate of salary (form № 3). (Obtained in the accounting department of the company where you are employed)

A copy of the contract with the institution of higher education.

Copies of receipts (checks, payment orders) for tuition.

Documents confirming the degree of kinship (if the parents pay for education, you must provide a child’s birth certificate, if the tax relief is claimed by the husband or wife – a marriage certificate).

A statement indicating the details of the invoice for the transfer of reimbursement.


Step 3. With the package of documents you need to apply to the territorial body of the State Tax Service of Ukraine at the place of registration of the taxpayer

or submit documents online in the taxpayer’s office –

When submitting documents online, you must have an electronic digital signature (it is issued in the tax or online using the service Privat)


Step 4. The funds will be transferred to your bank account within 60 days after receipt of the package of documents (According to Article 179 of the Tax Code of Ukraine in case of approval of your tax relief)


Useful Information:

  1. The maximum amount of the tax relief is 18% of the amount paid for tuition last calendar year
  2. The amount of the tax relief may not exceed the amount of personal income tax (PIT) paid. At the same time, the amount of the tax relief may not exceed the amount of personal income tax (PIT) paid. You can find out the amount of PIT paid for you either in the accounting department of the organization where you