Bachelor’s Programs of Kyiv School of Economics

How to get a budget place?

KSE is one of the few private higher educational institutions, which get budget places stipulated by admission procedure 2022, the Budget Code and the Higher Education Law of Ukraine. Budget places distribution is carried out according to the competitive score, the funding is given to the students with the highest score. In 2022 KSE will receive for bachelor’s programs 30 budget places. 


The maximum number of the budget places available to applicants for education prigrams at KSE: 

Business Economics – 9 places

Economics and Big Data – 6 places

IT and Business Analytics – 10 places

How to pay the tuition fee in installments?

The tuition fee can be paid termly (study year consists of 5 terms, 2 months each), monthly or annually. 


Business Economics – 80 000 for a year/ 16 000 for a term/ 8 000 for a month 

Economics and Big Data –  80 000 for a year/ 16 000 грн for a term/ 8 000 for a month 

IT and Business Analysis  – 100 000 for a year/  20 000 for a term/

10 000 for a month


* Prices are listed in UAH

Do I have to additionally confirm English knowledge for application?

We don’t require any additional English knowledge confirmations by applicants. During the first year, intensive study of English is stipulated so that all students can prepare for the study process fully in English for programs Business Economics, Economics and Big Data, IT and Business Analysis. You will be able to read literature, write academic texts and communicate in English in a comfortable way. 

Can I be admitted right away to the second year?

No, admission to the senior courses is not stipulated. We will enroll students only for the first year of study. 

Can I transfer from another university?

Curriculum at KSE is different from the curriculums of other universities. Under the condition of successfully covering the discipline credits, you can resume your studies at our university.

Where will the study process take place ?

The study process is upgraded according to demands of the time and is adapted to the mixed format (online + offline). This will help students study in a comfortable and safe environment. 


Online studies are conducted on our educational platform Moodle, where lecture recordings, practical exercises and assignments are uploaded. Classes and their recordings are also available on the Zoom platform.


The study process will take place in the new KSE building at Mykoly Shpaka 3, which is situated 10 minute walk from Beresteiska and Shuliavska metro stations. This is a modern building with technically equipped classrooms, comfortable zones for self-preparation and relaxation, and also coworkings for students and teachers.

Is there distance learning?

No, at KSE we have full-time study. We believe that to get quality education and strong professional and social connections, students have to study in classes developing self-organization and self-education skills. 


For now, the study process is upgraded according to demands of the time and is adapted to the mixed format (online + offline). This will help students to study in a comfortable and safe environment. 


Only at the master’s programme in Public policy and Governance the classroom training takes place for one week each month (including evenings and weekends).

Can I transfer to another degree programme within KSE ?

Yes, you can easily change the programme in the first year of study. During the next years it is also possible, but you will have to pass exams for the required disciplines. 

How to get free access to Coursera?

Kyiv School of Economics is the first educational institution in Ukraine which provides free access to Coursera with an ability to receive a world university certificate. We don’t limit our students in a choice of courses even if they differ from the chosen programme curriculum. The number of courses and university participants for one course is not limited. Programme coordinators help the student in accurately gauging the preparation level and curriculum to select the course, start and successfully complete it. 

I am not from Kyiv. Is it possible to get a place in the dormitory?

Kyiv School of Economics offers a system of student co-livings. These are rented multi room comfortable flats in Kyiv: in convenient areas, near the metro stations  with good conditions for joint student households. Here students live 2-4 persons in a room, study together, prepare for the exams, projects and classes. Students pay for the accommodation.  

What is the cost of living in the dormitory and are there any discounts?

The estimated cost of living is worth $200 monthly (as of 2021 year). The accommodation discounts for bachelor students are not stipulated. 

Is it possible to receive official residency in the dormitory during the study?

No, there is no such option for the co-livings. 

Is it possible to take academic leave?

Students are able to take academic leave for: 

  1. participating in academic mobility program; 
  2. the state of health: in case of drop in efficiency resulting from body dysfunction, caused by acute illness and needing long recovery period; in case of chronic illness exacerbation or frequent illnesses (longer than one month); in case of anatomical defects, which don’t allow carrying out rehabilitation treatment during the study;
  3. calling up for Military Service;
  4. family situation: pregnancy and childbirth; child care until they are 3 years old;  caring for a child which needs home care according to a medical decision, but no longer than until a child is 6 years old; the need of caring for family members; other circumstances which relate directly to a student, are well reasoned and have documentary evidence.  

Is there a Military Department?

For now Kyiv School of Economics doesn’t have its own Military Department. But according to the students’ demand we will try to meet this need. We’re planning to organize the study at the Military Department through the partnership with other  higher educational institutions.

How is the internship being held ?

Since the second year, students take part in 2-month summer training in leading companies, including KSE partners. Not only students get personal contacts, but they also get acquainted with particular business processes of different companies. It allows them to apply their knowledge, and also provides quick adaptation and employment after graduation. We assist in choosing the most appropriate place for an internship. At the end of the study students work on their projects (diploma work) which can become a start-up.

Why can the student be expelled?

We don’t expel because of unsatisfactory grades (only if there are a lot of such grades). If the students get unsatisfactory grades, they can attend the discipline once more and pass required exams. However, we expel for cheating after 2 cases. The first one is a warning. We are convinced that knowledge should be gained fairly and properly, as this helps students to nurture self-organization and responsibility for their own decisions and competence.

How is the study process being held?

At the Kyiv school of economics, students gain knowledge offline. We understand the value of live communication and make everything so that the study process takes place on campus. At the moment for comfortable and safe studying, the programs are adapted to the mixed format (online + offline).


All lectures and practical exercises are recorded in Zoom and then uploaded to our educational platform Moodle. Students have access to these recordings to review the material or if they missed the class. 

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