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Below you can find a list of academic and policy seminars that took place at Kyiv School of Economics

Research seminars

  • 7-Feb-19,  15.30-16.45, Does Currency Devaluation Increase Meat Import? An Empirical Evidence from Ukrainian Pork Industry, Pavlo Martyshev, PhD student, UaFoodTrade program
  • 17-Jan-19, 15.30-16.45, Armed conflict, livelihood analysis and humanitarian consequences, Grigor Simonyan, head of MSF mission in Ukraine
  • 20-Dec-18, 15.30-16.45, TBD, Anna Bilous, PhD
  • 13-Dec-18, 15.30-16.45, Is transition gap in self-rated health closing? Evidence from three group of transition countries, Maksym Obrizan, PhD, KSE
  • 06-Dec-18, 15.30-16.45, Employment of displaced and non-displaced households in Luhansk and Donetsk oblast of Ukraine in 2014-2016, Hanna Vakhitova, PhD, KSE
  • 29-Nov-18, 15.30-16.45, Effect of non-tariff measures on productivity and exports/imports, Volodymyr Vakhitov, PhD, KSE
  • 22-Nov-18, 15.30-16.45, Government Debt Maturity Structure, Fiscal Policy, and Default, Sergii Kiiashko, PhD, KSE
  • 16-Nov-18, 17.00-18.30, Controlling Inflation with switching monetary and fiscal policies: expectations, fiscal guidance and timid regime changes, Guido Ascari, PhD, Oxford University
  • 08-Nov-18, 15.30-16.45, Regional distinctions in state regulation of religious communities in Ukraine (Ukrainian), Tymofiy Brik, PhD, KSE
  • 01-Nov-18, 15.30-16.45, The system of statistics in Ukraine: from micro to macro level (Ukrainian),Tetyana Tyshchuk, PhD, KSE, VoxUkraine
  • 25-Oct-18, 15.30-16.45, Tax Incentives and Agricultural Productivity Growth in Ukraine, Oleg Nivievskyi, PhD, KSE

Policy seminars

  • 06-Feb-19, 17.00-18.15, How to sell local assets via Prozorro.Sales, Oleksiy Movchan, Prozorro.Sales
  • 31-Jan-19, 17.00-18.15, Active longevity concept: why policy towards old-age people requires reshaping?, Lidia Tkachenko, PhD, Iryna Kurylo, PhD
  • 30-Jan-19, 17.00-18.15, Armed conflict and humanitarian response, gender, age vulnerabilities – examples from MSF experience in  Ukraine (English), Grigor Simonyan, head of MSF mission in Ukraine
  • 23-Jan-19, 17.00-18.15, Administrative services reform in Ukraine: progress to date and the next steps, Volodymyr Semenikhin, head of administrative reform office
  • 16-Jan-19, 17.00-18.15, How transparent auctions change government policy, Oleksiy Sobolev, head of Prozorro.sales
  • 19-Dec-18, 17.00-18.15, Implementation of the Association Agreement: summary and perspectives, Veronika Movchan, IER
  • 12-Dec-18, 17.00-18.15, An Evaluation Of Decentralization Impact On Transparency And Efficiency Of Public Expenditures, Artur Kovalchuk, Pavlo Iavorskiy, KSE
  • 05-Dec-18, 17.00-18.15, Financial management in United Territorial Communities: the main problems and solutions, Angela Bochi, DOBRE
  • 28-Nov-18, 17.00-18.15, Financial vulnerability: the case of healthcare expenses, Natalia Shapoval, KSE
  • 21-Nov-18, 17.00-18.15, (De)regulation policy in Ukraine: progress since 2014 and the road ahead, Dmytro Romanovych, MoEDT, Elena Besedina, PhD, KSE
  • 14-Nov-18, 17.00-18.15, Effectiveness of various agricultural support instruments, Oleg Nivievskyi, PhD, KSE
  • 09-Nov-18, 10.00-11.15, Should the Ministries hire econometricians to learn whether what they have done works? (English), Balasz Varabi, PhD, Budapest Institute
  • 31-Oct-18, 17.00-18.15, Effect of tobacco products placement on new smokers and distinctive features of tobacco goods marketing in temporary constructions (kiosks) in Kyiv City, Pavlo Iavorskiy, KSE